We are excited to bring you this Jerusalem Prayer Team holiday product catalog. This is our annual seasonal catalog, and we wanted to share these exciting resources, gifts, and prayer reminders with you.

In these pages you will find something for every member of your family. We encourage you to consider doing your holiday and gift shopping from the Jerusalem Prayer Team. This is one more way in which you can support the vital work we are doing to bless, encourage, and defend God’s Chosen People in a time of great crisis.

Most Jewish people have never seen an expression of Christian love, but together we are working to change that. Together, we are delivering food to more than 2,000 poor Holocaust survivors every week. Together, we are welcoming Holocaust survivors to a beautiful community center/ bomb shelter in Jerusalem and providing free food and medical care. Together, we are operating the Friends of Zion Museum in the Holy City to highlight Christian love for the Jewish people through the years. None of these outreaches would be possible without the help of friends like you.

Thank you for being part of the work of the Jerusalem Prayer Team and doing so much to bless the Jewish people in these prophetic days. We hope you will keep this catalog and use it throughout the year for special occasions and celebrations. May the God of Israel richly bless you with His favor for your blessing to His Chosen People.

Your ambassador to Israel,

Dr. Mike Evans

Mike Evans